Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spring Snow


Spring Snow April 2007

I thought I would stop in with a couple of reminders of some upcoming events in Sunshine.  This Thursday, April 26th will be a meeting of Team Sunshine.  Team Sunshine is a group organized to support the Sunshine Fire Protection District.  Some of the items on the Team Sunshine agenda are assisting the fire department on incidents (traffic, food and water, etc.), educating the community on fire mitigation, maintaining the fire house and equipment, organizing community block leaders and gathering information for a community directory.  The meeting will be held at 7PM at Abbey's house.  We just might join in on birthday wishes for Rey and our fire chief, Steve.

The annual Flap Jack Fling is on the calendar for Sunday, June the 3rd, 9AM to 11 AM.  There will be a community meeting beginning around 10AM.  I'm sure there will be a volleyball game after the breakfast.

May looks like a busy month for me.  I will be in Kansas City for a work conference on May 11th.  One of our Scouts will be honored with his Eagle Scout court of honor on May 12th, I'll be off for a short, personal vacation May 16th to May 22nd (North Carolina) and on May 23, my wife is taking me to see Celtic Woman at Red Rocks.

Later entry:  John and Eleanor will be hosting FAC (Friday Afternoon Club) this week.  Please BYOB and some food to share.

We are receiving a late spring snow storm today.  Ahhhh, spring time in the Rockies!

Be Safe!


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jody's alarm

Spring break is over and things in Sunshine have returned to normal.  It's been a cold and snowy winter.  Many of our Sunshine neighbors, like others all over the country, head south over the break seeking warmer weather.  Often, the whole family heads out, leaving the pets home.  To protect the the furniture and to feed the pets, most of our neighbors bring in someone to "house sit".

House sitting can be an interesting situation.  When Steve and Julie leave, their two dogs (Maui and Plato) head off for the neighbors and don't return until they see Steve and Julie again.  The neighbors just love it!  My son, Nate, did some house sitting for some neighbors just to keep the dog from chewing up the furniture.  Many of the pets have some peculiar habits as our friend Jody found out.

Jody was house sitting for one of our neighbors who own a cat.  The cat is fun loving and very affectionate.  It is so affectionate that Jody had to lock it out of the bedroom so she could get some sleep.  If left in the bedroom it would purr and claw Jody, so Jody decided to leave it in the living room over night. The cat, being nocturnal, evidently decided to protect the house from any invading night-time creatures.  About 3AM the cat evidently jumped off the couch and landed on the TV remote control, which had been left on the floor.  As chance would have it, the TV turned on and the volume was up just loud enough to wake Jody.  Thinking someone had broken into the house, Jody reached over to the night stand, picked up the phone and dialed 911.  The 911 operator dispatched the sheriff, who was 1/2 hour away.  She also paged the 1st responders of the local fire department, who were only minutes away.  It's a heck of a way to meet the neighbors.

Some other notes:  Team Sunshine will be meeting on April 26th at Abby's house and the Flap Jack Fling will be held on June the 3rd.  More details to follow.

The latest pictures of the rebuild of SFPD station #1: