Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More of the Oregon Trip


The northern Oregon Coast.  My father surveyed US101 (this stretch of highway) when he was in college.

Our vacation to the Oregon coast has been fun.  We have entertained guests, had wine with dinner, shopped in the tourist shops in Seaside, OR., had wine with dinner, driven to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, had wine with dinner, visited Fort Clatsop (the winter home of Lewis and Clark), and had a fire on the beach with cheese, meat, crackers and of course, wine. We start our long drive home on Thursday.  I have taken lots of pictures and will share when I can.

I talked to our oldest son Nathan, this morning.  He had to stay home and work.  He held the phone up to Milo's ear.  I said "Hi" to him. Nate said his tail was wagging.

Smiles,  David

Friday, June 23, 2006

The Oregon Trip


The Columbia River Gorge, looking east.

After a three day drive, we arrived in Seaside, Oregon.  The drive was safe with only one event.  The remains of a truck tire was "thrown" up against the car giving everyone a heart rushing moment. 

Just east of Portland, in the Columbia River Gorge, between the small towns of The Dallas and Hood River, is the small community of Mosier, Oregon.  My great-grandparents lived in Mosier.  I still have relatives there.  While in high school, I would spend my summers working on the farm in Mosier, picking cherries.  We took a side trip and to my surprise, the Evans Brothers were offering and area for "u-pick cherries".  It gave me an excellent opportunity to show my son, Michael, how I spent my summer when I was his age.  We picked four pounds of cherries.

I arose early this morning for my walk.  This morning, rather than walking on the dirt road in front of the Sunshine school house, it was on the Oregon beach.  I do truly miss Milo.

Some things in life never change.  While on my morning walk I passed a very young child with her mother.  She must have been about one year old as she was just learning how to walk.  I passed several couples, most of them holding hands.  There is one couple that sticks in my mind.  They must have been in their eighties; he with a gray beard, she was small in stature, gray hair wrapped in a scarf.  It does my heart good to see a couple like that walking hand in hand, like young lovers, on the beach.  On my return trip, others were preparing for their morning on the beach.  Groups of teen-age girls all giggled as they carried their beach towels past me.  The teen-boys were not far behind, being loud and obnoxious, hoping the girls would notice them.

I walked looking at the surf, listening to the waves hitting the beach, creating a gentle roar.  I noticed many, many sand-dollars, all broken into small white pieces.  I started to think (no, it didn't hurt) that for as many years as I have walked the sands of the Oregon Coast beaches, I had never found a complete sand-dollar.  And then, there it was...a complete sand-dollar.  I found a quiet joy, a sense of minor accomplishment, an inner peace.  If only Milo had been with me to enjoy the moment.

Thanks to Kate for making me an editor's pick.  I consider it a true honor that she would read my journal, let alone recommend it to others.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy Fathers Day


My Dad!    Happy Fathers Day Dad!  I miss you!

Happy Fathers day to all the fathers in J-land.  I received all I could ever ask for last night.  My youngest son asked me what my favorite movie was.  I told him I had many but the one I enjoy watching the most is John Ford's "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance".  It takes me back to my childhood, when westerns were in their heyday.  Jimmy Stewert, John Wayne, Andy Devine, Lee Marvin, Vera Miles and others.  Mike had the DVD in his hand!  The boys (Nate, Michael and myself) all sat down and watched the movie.  What more could a father ask for; enjoying his favorite movie with his sons...and they enjoyed it too.  Afterward, Mike snuggled up next to me and said "Dad, I think that is my favorite movie too."

Mike and Nate, Fort Clatsop, Oregon, 2005

We are off to Oregon on Tuesday morning.  I'll capture pictures of the coast and check in on a regular basis.  Be safe.

Smiles, David

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I wish it would rain


Looking East from our front yard.  If you look hard, you can see the eastern horizon, and Kansas. LOL (that's an inside joke for everyone who has been to DIA, Denvers airport)

We are experiencing one of the driest Springs in years.  The Fire danger is extremely high.  We had a thunder storm move through late this afternoon.  We stood out on our covered porch and watched the rain drops.  A bolt of lightening hit just below us on the Benders property.  Moments later my son noticed smoke rising.  We were very concerned.  Fires burn uphill and it was just below us.  It took our fire department about ten minutes to respond to the fire.  The fire was extinguished within minutes.  There were eight fires started by lightening this afternoon.


My unwelcome friend, the Columbine eating young buck returned today.  I saw him and thought it was a perfect for a shot.  I aimed, shot and watched.  He flinched and moved to the other side of the bush.  I aimed again and took my second shot.  I'm glad my camera doesn't make any noise.  He wondered down the hill, away from our house.  He has already eaten all or our tasty flowers.  This shot was for Ellen.

We are off to the Oregon coast next week.  I'll try to post some pictures. 

I was interrupted while writing by a phone call at 10:30PM.  My oldest son, Nathan, was calling from the hospital.  He fell and broke his arm while playing hockey.  It was a very short night.  The Dr. set his arm and we were all home safely around 2:30 AM.

 Smiles, David

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Sometimes I hate deer


When Milo and I retruned from our Morning walk, I was greeted with an unpleasent surprise.  Standing there, enjoying a breakfast of new columbine flowers was a two point buck!  And he ate all but 3 blue flowers!  I'm about to give up on any attempt to grow flowers in the mountians.

Firehouse news.  I attended the board meeting for the Sunshine Fire Protection District last evening.  They voted to rebuild fire station #1 after a fire totally gutted the building.  They have until August 6th to acquire the building permit. 

Other community news.  There will be a pot luck supper at the schoolhouse on Friday, June 16, starting at 6PM.  Please bring a something to share, a place setting and a beverage.  We would also like to ask that you feed your dogs before you come over.



Sunday, June 4, 2006

Fire Department announcement


Hand painted American Indian masks at The Twisted Pine in Estes Park, CO

First things first!  Milo and I took our morning walk today.  Yes, I often raise the flag on Sundays too.  Of course, I raise it at 8AM instead of 7AM, like I do during the work week.  Sunday is the Lords day and he lets me sleep in an extra hour.  When we passed the Sunshine School House, I noticed a sign on the door.  It states:

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors for the SFPD (Sunshine Fire Protection District) is going to be moved ahead one week.  Instead of being held on Tuesday, June 11th, it will be held on Tuesday June, 6, 2006 at 7:30 PM (19:30hrs) at fire station number 2.

Milo and I continued to the fork.  We stopped to say "Hi" to Nancy and gave her dog, "Scooter" a doggie treat.  This morning we actually went out on the pavement and purchased a Sunday newspaper from the news paper box.  On our return trip I heard my son, Michael, holler my name.  He was approaching us with a volleyball in his hand.  Of course we had to go up to the volleyball court and practice hitting the ball over the net.  When we returned home, Mike fixed me breakfast. What a treat!

Before I continue I must add that my BIL and his lovely wife have returned from Hawaii.  They have found employment and a very nice place to live.  I expect they will be packed and ready to return in the next three weeks.  They will be shipping their cars over.  Suzi just purchased a new (slightly used) car for the move.  Now if you have ever been there, you will understand the meaning of this purchase.  She bought a 2005 Ford Mustang convertible.


What did that have to do with my Sunday?  After breakfast Dennis and Suzi called and asked Jan and I if we would like to go for a drive.  Well..........DUH!   We sprayed on the SPF6000 and hopped into the back of the Mustang convertible and headed higher into the mountains. It was a beautiful clear day.  We headed west through a canyon until we came to Ward, Colorado and the Peak to Peak highway.  From there we drove north to Estes Park, Colorado.  The girls were sitting in the back seat with their hair blowing in the wind.  As I peered into the rear view mirror, I noticed they were waving, parade style, like a pair of high school prom queens to every convertible that was going in the opposite direction.   I have lived among the foothills of the Rockies most of my life.  I am still amazed how beautiful the mountains are, up close and personal.  We drove through town (Estes Park), picked up a couple of items that we were shopping for and stopped at one of Dennis and Susie's favorite stores.  We didn't buy any thing but is sure was fun to look through.  The return trip on US 36 was fun, although not as exciting.

When we arrived home, we noticed MIL and FIL's car in the parking lot.  They just returned from an extended trip to Nebraska and on to Georgia.  It's good to have them home.  I would like to thank you again for your continued prayers for my MIL, Audie.

Smiles,  David