Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sunday happy hour

Hey everybody!  I just received this email from the flute player in the band.  Vic's in town from his Morristown hide-a-way so we have a bass player.  You might as well join us.  The entire community of Sunshine will hear us.  We'll see how work goes on Monday. 

Hey everybody, let's have a Sunday PotLuck HappyHour!
When:      Sunday July 27 - 4 - dark
Where:    Spencers 1254 County Road 83
What:      Music open mike - assorted beers and beverages - Pot Luck Hors D'oeuvre
What else:  Bring an instrument (french horn, trombone, Gretch single cutaway hollow body electric guitar, banjo) a drink you like or a dish to share, sunglasses, and no dogs.
Dogs:       No dogs, unless they're hot dogs or corn dogs or Elvis Presley style Hound Dogs
Who:       You, your friends, your visiting relatives from New Jersey, your neighbors
Safety:   Always be safe - wear helmets, goggles and reflective outerwear - be safe!
 OK...Tracy wants to see some pictures, after the fact.  Here they are.
The party begins!
The Kids having fun.
I know they are not all democrats.
The mayor, Chris and John, a band member enjoying a cool one.  Remember this picture for when I talk about our mayor.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Potluck dinner

It's that time of year again!

Sunshine Schoolhouse Annual Potluck
Saturday, July 19th
6:00 to 9:00
Bring a dish to share plus your own plates, cutlery, and beverages

Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th Wedding

Four years ago my oldest son built a volleyball court as an Eagle Scout Project.  The area has evolved into a small community recreation area with the volleyball court, horseshoe pit, swing set, sand box and picnic tables.  The community of Sunshine has used it for games, picnics and a quiet area for meditation.

Yesterday (July 4th), around 2PM a bunch of cars started arriving and parking around the school house.  I figured a wedding or something because the school was all decked out with flowers and buckets of beverages on ice.  To my surprise, everybody parked at the school house but headed up the hill to the volley ball court.  Not being invited, and hating to be a party crasher, I avoided the crowd and went about my business. 

This morning, curiosity got the best of me, so Milo and I took our walk.  We raised the flag and then walked up to the volley ball court.  Much to my surprise, here is what I found.

I found out that a couple who used to rent one of the houses in Sunshine so loved the neighborhood that they wanted to get married here.  It must have been a fun wedding.