Tuesday, June 24, 2008


SCSSYYSR---Sunshine Canyon Summer Solstice YaYa Sisterhood Reunion.  An annual event of old friends, all who use to live in the same mountain community of Sunshine, Colorado.  Most have moved away.

Last weekend the family and I celebrated the summer solstice with our friends in the northern mountains of Colorado.  This event has become an annual event.  I posted about the 2006 and the 2007 event.  Janice's brother, Dennis and his wife, Suzi flew in from Hawaii.  The rest drove in from Utah and Colorado.  Most of the folks there read this journal;  I was reminded that I need to post more often.  Here are a few photos.

John, Harry, Bob and Lester ready for the white elephant gift exchange.

Our host's Dale and Terry leveled their old mountain cabin and built a beautiful home on the same foot print.  We still treat their home as if it is a cabin hiding in the forest.  They are off the grid and rely on solar power.  The house filled up and many of us camped out in our tents

My oldest son, Nate setting up his tent.

We had some fun games to play.....Kube and Wacky Ball.

Harry and Dennis playing Wacky Ball.

I can't wait till next year.

Is that a fish in the hot tub?

Dale and I discussing the world's problems (or deciding who will get the next haircut)

Thegame court

They say smoke follows beauty so I got up and moved.

The family enjoying "Ingabobs"

Bob had a comment about Chris' story and Bernie.  I was told that Bernie went back to the east coast 22 years ago.  Bob informed me that it had to be more.  Bernie was gone when Bob and Bebee moved away from Sunshine and that was 24 years ago.  The freezer has been buried and Bernie is still not back.  Ellen, have you seen Bernie and the prune juice posse on the LIE?

Smiles to all,

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Found ear ring and our hero, Butch

Yesterday was one of those days that is remembered for a long time.  Milo and I started out our walk as usual.  It was Saturday and Milo suggested that I fly the large garrison flag instead of the smaller 3' X 5' flag.  I agreed with Milo and we hoisted the much larger (5' X 8') flag.  Just as I was finishing, one of the neighbors stopped to say hello.  I lost my concentration and pulled a little too hard on the rope.  The rope became entangled and it was stuck.  I couldn't move it.  I was afraid the flag was going to fly high on the pole for eternity.  There were two more immediate issues.  The first was that the flag should not be flown after sundown unless illuminated.  I wasn't ready to stand out there with a flashlight all night.  I couldn't because the band was playing at Ruby's birthday party that evening.  The second issue had to do with Donna's memorial service.  Her service is today.  I usually fly the flag at half-staff for the morning and then raise it to full-staff at noon on the day of the service.  It is a hard thing to do with a stuck flag.  Butch came to our rescue.  This morning he leaned a 40' ladder up against the flag pole and climbed all the way to the top.  He freed the flag.  He is our hero.  Now I have to find a case of beer or a 5th of Beam for our buddy.


On our walk this morning Milo and I found an ear ring in the road.  For my Sunshine readers, please let me know if you know the owner.

Just another reminder about the Flap Jack Fling next Sunday.  It should be a beautiful Spring morning.