Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring Skiing


A few years ago - Copper Mountain

Milo and I took our evening walk to retire the colors (take the flag down).  It was a beautiful evening with the feeling of spring in the air.  The birds are singing their songs and the snow is melting.  There is still snow that fell the 18th of December on the ground. I had to tell Milo about my love of Spring skiing.

I have been skiing for over forty years.  When I was younger I would brave the nastiest winter weather just to gently slide down the side of the mountain, carve nice turns and otherwise feel like I was flying.  Falling as I tried to unload off the chair lift was common place.  I seemed to get on the chair behind a beginner who lost all sense of balance when the boots were attached to the skis.  If you have ever watched a Warren Miller ski movie, you know what "you want your skis, go get em'" means.  Beginners always fall when they first try to unload (and so do the people behind them).  The binding throw and the skis come off.  The skis then get thrown out of the way.  If you want them, you go get them.

  As I have grown older, spring skiing has become the most favorite thing in life for me.  The wind is no longer trying to blow me off the chair lift.  The sun is high in the sky and the rays are warm.  The lift lines are shorter and there are fewer people trying to run me over.  I have been know to tote some wine, cheese and rolls in my back pack and look for a nice quiet cat trail.  Finding some sun, lean my skis against my poles and enjoying the company of my best friend, I would lay back and enjoy all of my surroundings.  One never knows when a cute blonde will ski by!



My favorite Ski area is Vail, Colorado.  It has some of the best power skiing in it's back bowls.


Game Creek Bowl...Vail


And then there is shopping in Vail village.  You can't see them but there are many places to enjoy apre'ski in the village.

Dan, David and Phil....3 of the gondola ...Vail - Spring 197?

OK, Now that I'm feeling better about life, I had a pretty good scare this last week.  I was having chest pains again.  After my last "event" I wasn't about to sit back and wonder when I was going to have another "event".  Last Thursday I went in for a treadmill stress test.  I had my follow-up visit today.  The doctor is very happy with the results.  I don't usually talk about my health but I know there were some prayers being said in my behalf.  Prayers do work!  Thank you to all that prayed.

For those following the progress on the fire house, here's the latest picture.



FPD station #1 rebuild

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Warmer Days to Come


Sawtooth Mountain, west of Sunshine. Bring your fly rod!

Now that the weather is moderating and the wind isn't blowing as hard, Milo and I can return to our extended morning walks.  It won't be long until the bears awake from their long winters nap.  I'm sure they will be hungry.  The birds are making sure we know Spring is just around the corner.  They are filling the air with many tunes.  This morning Bob stopped the school bus and threw Milo and Malcom a treat.  The sun was just peaking over the horizon giving us a glorious sunrise.  As we passed the school house, I paused to salute the American flag.  Looking up I saw a jet leaving it's con-trail against the blue sky.  It was extremely high, flying from the west to the east.  I imagine a San Francisco to New York flight.

It was about 4 1/2 years ago that my life changed.  I was throwing horseshoes with one of the neighbors when I felt the pressure.  It was as if someone put their thumb in the middle of my chest and game me a gentle push.  I paused for a moment and then sat down.  The pressure went away.  It happened a few day later while watching TV with my son Nathan.  The next day I went to the hospital to have it checked out.  They were happy to see me!  When I was released following my "procedure"  I began to view each morning with new meaning.  I have always been one to look on the brighter side of life, but now each day brings greater joy.  I hope it continues.

The firehouse (station #1) is coming along nicely.  They are starting to work on the roofing and the siding.  I'll post another picture again soon.

Personal future plans include a trip to North Carolina in May to visit my close friend Chris and hopefully, a week later, tickets to see Celtic Woman at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado.

Be of good cheer, hug you family members and smile.