Tuesday, August 5, 2008

And the party continues

Now that the alerts are turned back on, I am re-posting this entry.

This was the weekend for the Homebrew Hoedown.


Our neighbors sponsor this summer event.  If you will note the last band on the poster:  StarRoute!  That's our band.  We'll be playing at 5-6:30.  It's a fun event. (It's right next door to our house so I guess I'll be spending the evening enjoying the music, one way or the other..hehe)  And the Summer party continues....


This thing goes on from 3 in the afternoon until 11 at night.

For those who don't want to drive home, there is plenty of room to camp overnight.

What can I say????  We all have fun.

Next on the official Sunshine Agenda:  September 6th is the Sunshine Community Fest and September 27-28 is th Sunshine Craft & Bake Sale.


eml625 said...

Looks like a great time David.
Hope your well,

inafrnz247 said...

Looks and sounds like a lot of fun!  Thanks for sharing!


jckfrstross said...

before we know it the white stuff will be here boo hoo lol hope your summer went well


rjet33 said...

The Homebrew Hoedown took place on my birthday.  That would have been cool to attend.  Instead, it was just another ho-hum day.  My favorite birthday was spent in 2004 at Grand Lake.  We rented a pontoon on my birthday and went for a boat ride on Shadow Mountain Lake.  Of course my camera had to act up.  ::sigh::  I still have it in my memories though. :-)