Thursday, August 21, 2008

Friday afternoon club

Tim & Linda's home
Last evening Milo and I returned from our evening walk.  We stopped at the mailbox and checked for any notes and maybe, even some mail.  Hiding in the back of the mailbox was a half sheet of paper with a typewritten note.  It announced that our new neighbors, Tim and Linda, are having a "Friday Afternoon Club" at their house tomorrow night.  It looks like a lot of fun.  We engage in this activity at different homes, at different times, around the community.  We usually bring our own beverage and a snack to share.  Unfortunately, the band is playing at a party in Pinewood Springs (just outside Estes Park) tomorrow evening and we will miss the FAC.
Although she hasn't left me a comment in this medium, I know Linda reads this journal.  Linda, I feel honored that you read my notes about Milo and Sunshine.  By the way, if the house looks familiar, I made a post about it some time ago.
Keep smiling.
Milo and David


rdautumnsage said...

How delightful to have pleasant and compassionate neighbors. I swear one of these days I'm moving to your neck of the woods (winks)...(Hugs)Indigo

preciousone25 said...

Hi David, I haven't been by in quite awhile, thought I'd just drop in and say hi!!  Hope all is going well with you.  Hope you had a great time at Tim and Linda's, sounds like fun!!

Take Care,
Joann said...

Dave and Milo!

Tim and I are thrilled to have made it onto your site!!  Thanks for that and also thanks for letting us know why you, Dee and Steve didn’t make cameo appearances on Friday.  We were sad to have missed you all, but look forward to the next event.  Ghosts…. We have heard just a few rumblings about far..but now you have confirmed the stories!!  We have yet to see anything and both feel comfortable in the house.  We have heard a friendly male voice when our house was empty on one occasion, but who knows..the scientific sides of Tim and I could explain it away.  We will keep you posted.

What other houses in sunshine are rumored to be haunted?

eml625 said...

Just wanted to pop in and check the happening in Sunshine, What a great looking house.
Sorry you missed the party.
hope your doing well.

rjet33 said...

Sunshine sounds like a community hubby and I would love to be a part of.  Ah yes, I remember this house and the ghost story and how after you talked to your friend Kay about it, she put up a For Sale sign, lol.

Happy Labor Day!~