Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Where is it?

The detail is amazing.

While on my walk with Milo on Sunday, I peered up in a tree and was surprised at what I saw.  One of our neighbors made a bird house that looks just like the Sunshine school house.  I challenge my neighbors to find it's location. 

Speaking of neighbors, I wanted to mention that a couple of weeks ago we were invited to a Sunday brunch at Doug and Mary Ann's.  The event was totally delightful.  They have a beautiful view from their house, overlooking the mountains to the south of Sunshine.  Mary Ann has wanted to entertain for quite some time but Doug was against the idea.  You see, Doug was afraid we (the neighbors) would try to steal everything he owns....that thought still has me laughing.  You have to know Doug to enjoy his sense of humor.  Doug wrote for a national magazine with the initials SI.  His column was always a joy to read.  MaryAnn's choice of fair could not have been better.  The food was great and the guest list was tops (of course I would say that, I was included).  MaryAnn reads this journal so for you MaryAnn.....you walked by the bird house this morning....did you see it?

Milo and I were excited to see the school bus last Monday morning.  Sitting behind the steering wheel was our friend, Bob.  Bob was not driving the Sunshine route last year.  He had a health issue that took him off the route for a while.  I waved and Milo ran up to the bus, not to be disappointed.  Bob had a treat for him.

Last weekend a group of about 20 of our neighbors gathered at Lori and Ruby's house.  We rallied to cut and split firewood for 2 1/2 hours.  Hopefully they will have enough wood to last the winter.  Please pray for Lori.

Smiles to you all,



helmswondermom said...

What a neat idea for a bird house.  Let us know if any of your neighbors knew where it was.  I stopped by Lori's blog.  How nice of you and your friends to look out for her and her family that way.  I know that kind of love must have been medicine to her!!

jeadie05 said...

The bird box is lovely David ,we have some in our garden ,not nearly as 'posh' as that one ,so pleased Bob is better and back driving the scool bus ,and that he has a treat for Milo,your meal at Doug and MaryAnn's house,sounds fun ,what a lovely community yours sounds ...love Jan xx

eml625 said...

What a great bird house.
I sure will say a prayer for your friend.
Be well,

rdautumnsage said...

The Birdhouse is delight to see. Hopefully Doug realizes by now that the Sunshine neighborhood is bunch of friendly folks (How do I know? because you've shared so many exploits with us). Keeping Lori in my prayers on the smoke hon. (Hugs)Indigo

rjet33 said...

I love the birdhouse.  Glad Bob is back on his route and I know Milo is glad!  Will keep Lori in my prayers.  Sounds like you have had some wonderful fellowship with your neighbors.  That is one of the things I really miss about living in Colorado.  ::sniff::  Perhaps one day, I will realize my dream and be able to return.